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Diyson adheres to the excellent corporate culture of "taking morality as the first, people-oriented, quality as the root, and winning by righteousness", and only takes pride in providing outstanding products and zero trouble service for customers!


long-term target


Persevere, work together to create a sustainable development of a century enterprise!

Initial goal


Pursuit of excellent quality, create a good faith brand!

Enterprise mission


Create value for customers, build a stage for talents, seek happiness for employees, and bring progress to the industry,


Take the enterprise as the carrier, devote ourselves to the great cause of national rejuvenation!

Core values


Honesty and integrity, justice and interest, the pursuit of win-win; always adhere to the quality first; always provide good service for customers;

They should care for employees, talents and workers, cherish time, pursue efficiency, benefit and effect;

We should strive for excellence in everything; innovation is the soul of the enterprise; we should rely on team spirit to achieve common goals.

Core culture


Take moral as the first, people-oriented; take quality as the root, take righteousness to win!

Core competence


The strong competitiveness of products as the basic way to lock the market!

Development concept


"Simply do what you can" - to develop enterprises is to develop people, and talents are the first productivity!


"Choose what is good" -- all feasible and useful suggestions that are conducive to the development of the enterprise, dieson will do it!

Quality concept


Quality decides brand, character decides product! Only good people can produce good products. For quality management, no matter how strict it is!

Right and wrong standard


Whether it is conducive to the benign development of enterprises as the only standard to judge right and wrong!

Rules of conduct


"Don't take good for small things, don't do evil things for small things!"

Rules of conduct


Strive to do well at one time!

Executive concept


Act now and never delay!

service idea


Diyson is only proud to provide customers with outstanding products and zero trouble service!

Enterprise belief


"If you can do all the things that competitors can't do, you're more than half successful."

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