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Most of the wall washing lamps tend to outdoor development, which is affected by the financial factors

The wall washing lamp is more energy-saving and power-saving than the traditional wall washing lamp. Large scale and long-term use can save objective electricity cost for big cities. Moreover, the wall lamp will not emit harmful substances, environmental protection, will not damage the situation. Led wall lamp is an indispensable lamp in LED lighting engineering, almost every project uses it.

I'll show you the characteristics of wall lamp

More and more commercial buildings, at least families, have been introduced to market lighting. The applicability of wall washing lamp used in indoor lighting is well known and well received by people. As a solid-state semiconductor light-emitting device, the life of wall washing lamp is long-term for other movements.

What are the relative advantages of wall washing lamps

Compared with the illuminance, color temperature and color rendering of the light source used around the specific trade, there is a systematic division and definite calculation according to the interpretation, which is different from the initial visual evaluation; the desire of the traditional wall washing lamp is targeted to prove that in order to achieve outstanding results A certain function often requires specific design to set off the surroundings and reflect specific trade methods and characteristics Methods determined by the purpose of lighting, we often adopt regional multi-faceted light source and light and color space in the form of setting the scene; with the application of high-tech computer controlled level, we can interact with the audience in the form of dynamic, changeable and specific process; with the improvement of compact light source, ballast and other ultra-small, ultra-thin, different treatment technologies and new technologies have been developed With the repeated selection of electrical accessories for lamps, the traditional business of commercial lighting is becoming smaller, more practical and more functional, and the effect of lighting function of Jianyi has changed to focus on lighting and decoration.

How to distinguish the difference between LED wall lamp and LED line lamp

Led wall washing lamp is to let the light wash the wall like water. The effect here is that led washes the wall lamp to hit the light on the wall, which is similar to the application of the projection lamp, but the effect is more gentle. The LED line lights are mostly used for building outline or digital screen effect. Of course, they may also be installed in the corner to let the light find the wall, but the LED wall washing lamp is more flexible.

How to do a good job in daily maintenance of LED wall lamp

With the development of lighting technology, the traditional light source can not fully meet people's requirements for lighting. Now led wall lamp is more and more loved by lighting engineering. In addition to the product design, it can meet the requirements of lighting effect. In the process of using, led wall washing lamp should also do a good job in daily maintenance.

Washing wall lamp manufacturer teaches you how to buy LED guardrail tube correctly

Led wall washing lamp is controlled by built-in microchip. In small technology applications, it can be used without controller. Dynamic effects can be achieved, such as color gradient, jump, color flicker, random flicker and color gradient. It can also be controlled by the DMS. Achieve chase, scan and other effects. The main application fields are: external wall lighting of individual buildings and historical buildings, internal and external lighting of buildings, local indoor lighting, green landscape lighting, poster lighting, lighting of special facilities such as medical and cultural facilities, entertainment places such as bars and dance halls, atmospheric lighting, etc.

High power wall wash lamp manufacturers usually use 1W and 3W LEDs as light sources

The requirements for lamps and lanterns in lighting projects should not only be exquisite and durable, but also be able to integrate into the environment. Landscape lighting project is a relatively important part of the project. Not only cleverly expressed the concept of landscape lighting, but also put forward scientific, reasonable, standardized and humanized design solutions. It is important for us to use lighting design to improve the taste, appearance and quality of life of the owners.

The exterior control of the wall wash lamp can be changed by setting the button on the main control

Urban lighting is mainly concentrated in the night lighting of urban buildings. The night lighting of buildings improves the overall lighting of the city, improves the humanistic attributes of the city, and highlights the cultural heritage and urban development of the city. In the future, the pace of urban LED lighting will be faster, and lighting companies will also have new requirements. According to these requirements, LED lighting companies should not only be limited to one aspect of research and development, but also limited to the whole plan of urban lighting design. In order to realize urban led, we must consider the whole design, manufacture and installation of lighting and provide one-stop service for LED lighting technology Technology can better serve the city.

The intelligent network of wall washing lamp began with the wide use of Internet information technology

In the future lighting industry, with the development of artificial intelligence technology, companies will add more human behaviors (such as voice, gesture and action) to lighting scenes. For example, you can transfer music to the system, play your favorite music through lights, and so on. Wall washing lamp is people-oriented, developing more efficient, comfortable and healthy intelligent lighting products will be the future development direction.

Led wall washing lamp has a wide range of applications, do you want to try it?

The wider the application scope of LED wall washing lamp, the more promising the future development trend of LED wall washing lamp. The main reason for this is that the wall lighting of the building has changed from the original local lighting from the inside to the outside. For the subsequent overall lighting, the whole lighting field and technology are constantly improving. Undoubtedly, this is because the application range of LED wall washing lamp is expanding, which will directly affect its future market share. Parameter attribute dimension of high performance led wall washing lamp: all high performance led wall washing lamps are single row. If they are multi-layer, they are not called wall wash lamps, they are floodlights. Height and width are not considered, and the design proportion of different manufacturers is different. However, the height determines the projected area. The traditional heights are 500 mm, 1000 mm and 1200 mm.
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